EPA Diamond Dowel

EPA Diamond Dowels are plate dowels suited for construction joints in concrete grade slabs and pavements. They transfer vertical loads across the joint and minimise differential deflection between adjacent slab panels under load. Easy to install, they attach directly to wooden and steel form works or metal separation plates. They come pre-packaged with all components ready for installation.

  • Available in 2 thicknesses: 6 mm and 8 mm
  • Maximises surface area at the joint.
  • Nailing flange provides secure attachment to formwork.
  • Double-headed nails help retain the sleeve in the concrete when stripping the form boards.
  • Sleeve provides an expansion capacity of 3-8mm.
  • Sleeve system ensures the dowel is perpendicular to the form board and is stable.
  • Sleeves moulded from durable, non-compressible high flow plastic.
  • Complies with the requirements of TR34 (4th Edition).
  • Eliminates any drilling or processing of formwork.
  • Allows for diagonal shrinkage movement in two directions in the horizontal plane.
  • Reduces risk of restraint.
  • Reduced likelihood of sleeve knock-off when placing steel reinforcement mesh.
  • Maximises surface area at the joint line.
  • Allows for slab shrinkage and lateral movement on the horizontal plane.
Why use EPA Diamond Dowels?
  • Slabs shrink away from corners during curing.
  • Shrinkage is diagonal from the intersection of joints.
  • Adjacent slabs shrink at different rates.
  • Two way (lateral) movement must be allowed during the early stages of rapid drying shrinkage to reduce risk of cracking due to restraint.
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