Our Services

EPA provides a bouquet of services with a philosophy of working as the client’s own Project Team. We understand and internalize the client’s requirements and use our expertise and skills to provide superior services.

Civil, Finishing & Interiors

We undertake construction of Industrial and Warehousing buildings including Civil, Structural, finishing and interior works. We also provide turnkey solutions to our clients where we design and construct the required building.

Specialised Construction Services

Today’s complex construction projects demand specialised services. We have expertise in:

  1. Flooring: We provide Laser/ Truss Screed Flooring, VDF, Industrial Flooring, PE Foam Flooring, Epoxy/ PU Flooring, Densification & Dustproofing of concrete floors etc.

  2. Waterproofing: We provide waterproofing solutions for Basements, Sunken portions, Roofs, Terrace gardens, Swimming pools, Water bodies, Ponds and Canal linings, etc.

  3. Structural Strengthening: We strengthen beams, columns, slabs etc. which may be required due to design or construction errors. 

  4. Designing Social Distancing Compliant Workplaces: To ensure safety for all amidst the pandemic, we help in transforming the workplace into a social distancing compliant space. 

  5. Disinfection and Sanitization: In order to ensure a life that is safe and healthy, we provide disinfection and sanitisation using Government approved chemicals.

  6. Other Services: We also provide insulation, sound proofing, soil stabilisation, corrosion protection, rainwater harvesting etc. services.

Project Management & Consultancy

We provide Project Management Services for Construction of Buildings and for multidisciplinary projects. We have provided PMC services for:

  1. Warehouses 
  2. Power Projects
  3. Houses
  4. Dust control consultancy in manufacturing process
  5. Bird and dust entry control