Polished Concrete Floors for Industrial and Warehousing Space

Concrete floors have gained popularity because they are tough, abrasion resistant and long lasting.

However with demands for improved performance of the floors including dust proofing and lower maintenance, surface treatments including Densification of concrete floors have evolved as cost effective solutions.

What is Densification?

Densification is the process of lowering the porosity and hardening of the surface of the concrete floor using chemicals to transform porous concrete surface into hard, dense and enhanced surface that inhibits water, oil and other contaminants from penetrating the surface is called concrete polishing. It also increases abrasion resistance and lowers the cost of maintenance.


  • Polished concrete floors are low-maintenance, as they are durable and easy to clean. Its high coefficient of friction can make it non-slippery.
  • Polished concrete reduces dust mite and allergen problems, and does not support mould growth.
  • Anecdotal evidence suggests highly reflective polished concrete reduces lighting needs and can improve natural lighting.
  • Polished concrete flooring is hard wearing and will not chip or dent like softer surfaces such as timber and tiles.
  • Polished concrete is easily maintained with the use of clean water or a neutral balance pH cleaner. There are also many cleaners designed for the proper maintenance of polished concrete available.
  • There is never a need for wax to be added as it will only dull the finish. A concrete floor that has been hardened and polished will have an extremely long life expectancy compared to other flooring types.

Do you want your industrial floor to be low-maintenance and to last you a lifetime?

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